Top 3 Questions For Cooling & Heating Pros

Our pros are always here for you when you have questions concerning your cooling and heating systems. But there a just a few questions that we come in contact with just a bit more than others. So if you happen to be one of the many that wonder these things, then this is just for you.

  • How often do I really need to have my air conditioner and furnace cleaned?

This should happen at least once a year. Otherwise, the lifespan of your unit could be drastically cut. So it is absolutely necessary for your unit to have the proper maintenance, including inspection, cleaning, and tuned up, annually.

  • Why do I sneeze so much when I’m inside?

Homes are full of allergens and pollutants ┬áThere can be dust, pet dander, pollen that’s be carried in on people’s clothing, and in some cases, mold or mildew spores.Your best option, in this case, is to consult a professional for an effective solution.

  • Why does my air conditioner freeze up?

It could be one of three reasons: 1. You blowing motor may be starting to wear down. 2. There could be a recurring leak located somewhere along the lines. 3. The evaporation coil is possibly accumulating dirt and dust. But You should always get an expert opinion so that you can come up with a solid solution.

But if you find yourself having any more questions, or are just in need of further explanation of the ones listed above, contact us today! Call Arnold Service Co. at (910) 425-3350.