Signs That Your AC Is Low On Coolant

You look to seek refuge from the blistering summer heat in the comfort of your home. But to your surprise, you open your door to be greeted by only a lukewarm breeze. Not the best feeling when you’ve been battling the sweltering heat all day. Sounds like the coolant in your air conditioning system is low. This is one of several signs that you need more coolant. Check out some of these other red flags.

  • Ice buildup on refrigerant line – If you go to your outdoor unit, that has the spinning fan, take a look at the copper refrigerant line. If you see there is ice built up on it, your refrigerant is low. Inside the evaporator coil, which is the part the cold refrigerant flows through, becomes too cold when the refrigerant is low. This causes the cold liquid to flow back through the line, thus freezing it.
  • Increase in your energy bill – Your AC is forced to run ling and harder to cool your home. This exercise use of energy is reflected in your electricity bill, therefore costing you more money.
  • Strange noises – A bubbling or hissing type sound is an indication that coolant is leaking out from somewhere along the refrigerant line.

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