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Downtown Roseboro, NC by Gerry Dincher Roseboro, NC is also known by some as “Rosie City.” The town was first built when the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad line was built. Roseboro was one of many small communities that popped up along the railroad as more train depots were built. The town itself was named after John Rose, the secretary of the Railroad. The oldest building in Roseboro, NC was built in 1897 and shared by a doctor practice and a small drug store. It has changed hands many times since then but is now the home of a business owned by the doctor’s great great granddaughter.

Arnold Service Co offers professional and efficient air conditioning and heating services in Roseboro, NC. We build our business on exceptional customer service because we want the very best for our local communities. We offer a variety of products and services:

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