Home Humidifier: Is It Worth It?

With winter on the approach and temperatures slowly beginning to drop, you may begin to notice the air feel dryer. This means dry skin, dry nose, and sometimes even sickness will be soon to arrive. Many people consider purchasing a personal or home humidifier to negate these effects, but what are the real benefits of having a humidifier in your home? Before you decide to skip on this system, let us give you the run down on how they can help you!

The Benefits Of A Humidifier

Photo of humidifierWe all know that humid air makes it easier to breathe, but did you know that humidifiers are especially beneficial against allergies and asthma? The harsh dry air of winter can really make these take a turn for the worse, but a humidifier can combat these effects. In fact, humid air does not stop there, but continues to combat sickness within a household. Many of the illnesses that plague us during the winter, such as the flu, need a dry environment to thrive and having a humidifier keeps your home from being a place for them to propagate. 

Just like you get dry skin, your home can get its own equivalent. Dry air can wear down and age wallpaper and create static energy within the home. Humid air prevents the static from building up and can maintain your home’s appearance. Best of all, the humidity added to the air can help you save on utility costs! Normally during the winter, you have to turn your furnace higher to get the warmth you expect. However, water in the air lets your home feel warmer quicker and at lower temperature! 

Humidifiers are really a fantastic way to remain healthy and frugal this winter season. If you want more information on humidifiers or need a heating inspection to prepare for the oncoming winter in Fayetteville, NC, call Arnold Service Co. today at (910) 425-3350!