How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Whether you’ve just invested in a new air conditioner or want to make your old one last as long as possible, there are several steps you can take to get the most out of your A/C. In addition to air conditioner maintenance, follow these tips to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and maximize efficiency!

air conditioner maintenance

Vacuum Often

Did you know that your indoor air is filled with dust, dander, bacteria, and other allergens? Although usually harmless, some people sensitive to these pollutants may experience more allergies and respiratory problems. Not to mention they can clog up your air filter and ductwork! The cleaner your home, the less dust that will end up in your A/C system. Vacuum and dust your home once a week, especially if you have have carpet and upholstered furniture to reduce the amount of dust and pollutants in your home. Don’t forget to vacuum under the sofa!

Eliminate Clutter

Another way to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home is to eliminate clutter. Old magazines and newspapers deteriorate over time, and piles of clothes trap dust and pollutants. Is the space beneath your bed filled with boxes and stuff you never use? Make a trip to your local secondhand store and donate or recycle whatever you don’t need.

Change The Air Filter Regularly

Do you wait until your air filter is clogged with dust to replace it? Make a habit of checking your air filter once a month and change it before it gets completely clogged. If you live with multiple people or pets in the home, you may need to change it more often. You should also make sure you’re using a quality air filter with a MERV rating of 8 to 14. Depending on your A/C system, you might be able to use a high efficiency filter. However, these can sometimes restrict airflow and do more harm than good. Consult an A/C technician if you have questions about which air filter you should be using.

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