Prepping Your A/C for Summer

HVAC Service in Spring Lake, NC

Keep Your Home Cool with Improved A.C Energy Efficiency

Summer is almost here and you’ll want an A/C unit that is working efficiently to keep your home cool. No one wants to deal with the hassle of trying to get a broken down unit repaired on a hot summer afternoon. Here are a few simple ways you can prepare so that your air conditioner runs properly so you can save money!

  • Replace the air filters in the A/C unit on a monthly basis
  • Remove dirt and debris from your outside A/C equipment
  • Clean up around the unit to ensure there is 2 ft. of space
  • Check the refrigerant lines
  • Schedule seasonal maintenance with an HVAC technician

Maintenance calls include a full inspection of the system and repairing any minor damage to prevent it from causing bigger problems down the road. We will also clean the unit thoroughly to prevent debris build up from reducing the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system. Seasonal maintenance is, not only best for ensuring your A/C is running properly throughout the summer, but is also important for making sure your furnace works safely during the winter.

If you are looking for reliable, local A/C maintenance in Fayetteville, NC, contact Arnold’s Service Co. Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your A/C unit in top shape. Call today at (910) 425-3350 to make sure your unit will continue to operate all summer long.

Problems That Happen When Your Condenser Coils Are Dirty

Keeping the condenser coils in your A/C is one of the most important things you can do for your air conditioner. Unfortunately, the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” can apply when it comes to maintaining coils. While it is something that can be easily forgotten, it is extremely important to clean the coils. Here are a few problems that can happen when your condenser coils are dirty.

Problems That Happen When Your Condenser Coils Are Dirty

Many Problems Can Arise When You Don’t Clean the Condenser Coils.

Energy Efficiency is Lowered

Because the coils are left with dust and dirt, it will decrease the air conditioners energy efficiency. This is a big deal because it can increase your energy bills.

Ineffective Cooling

Another big problem when you don’t clean your A/C coils is that the way your air conditioner cools is going to affect considerably. Because the system will be working in overtime, it will be really hard for it to cool down your home properly.

Reduced A/C Life Expectancy

If you never clean your coils of dirt and dust, it is going to end up affecting how long your A/C runs. When we combine loss of energy and an increase in cooling, the A/C unit will be working really hard to keep up with the demands of cooling a whole house. Cleaning the coils will ensure your A/C works for years to come.

The way that your A/C condenser coils are maintained has a great effect on utility bills, cooling needs, and the life of the A/C. If you need coil replacement in Fayetteville, NC due to not maintaining the condenser coils, call Arnold Service Co. at (910) 425-3350.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Photo of energySaving money on energy year round is easier than you think. Many people try to find new ways to cut down on their electric and natural gas bills. However, you do not need to go out of your way to make this happen. With simple steps, you can lower your home’s energy consumption and bills. We have compiled the top tips to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but at a low cost to you.

Top Energy Efficient Tips For Your Home

Keep Your Thermostat at a Constant Temperature

It’s tempting to turn up your heater and air conditioner up and down to accommodate changing temperatures. However, these small corrections can cause your system to be constantly kicking on and off, raising your electric bill. Keep your thermostat at one constant temperature to stop these raises.

Run Your Ceiling Fan!

Your ceiling fan is multi-use. Many people only use it during the summer to try and get a bit of additional cool in the room. However, you should use this in the winter as well! Your ceiling fan disperses the air within the room, meaning your room will evenly warm or cool. This keeps your heating and cooling system from overworking.

Use The Sun And Landscape

The natural environment provides you with a plethora of ways to reduce your energy bills. During the winter, open your windows! The sun can provide a secondary way to warm your home as it pours through the windows and warms your roof. To cool your home in the summer, have your trees and shrubbery disperse the sunlight away from your home.

Get Regular Maintenance

Just like a visit to the doctor, a maintenance service from a heating and cooling specialist can prevent any malfunction within your home’s heater and air conditioner. Getting thorough inspection can pinpoint areas of concern and allow them to be repaired, preventing failure. This also makes your heater and air conditioner efficient, meaning less energy will have to be used to function.

Need maintenance on your heater or air conditioner in Fayetteville, NC? Call (910) 425-3350 for Arnold Service Company today!

Signs That It Is Time For a New Furnace

Photo of furnaceFurnaces are a great heating system for homes here in Fayetteville, NC. However, over time wear and tear can lead you to needing a new system. How can you tell when it is time for a new furnace? There are some questions you should ask before jumping out to buy a new one. 

Answer These Furnace Questions

#1 How Old Is The Furnace?

Furnaces can last a very long time if maintained properly. Always keep track of the age of your system. After about 15 years, it may be time for a new one.

#2 Are Your Energy Bills Rising?

This will be a gradual change in your furnace. If your energy costs are slowly rising over the course of time, your system should receive maintenance to see if it is a small repairable problem or if wear is taking its toll.

#3 Is It Talking Back?

Knocking and thumping from a heating is a noise we joke about often as talking. However, it can mean some serious complications. This could be damage within your furnace trying to tell you it is time for a new system.

#4 Should You Have Maintenance First?

Always have maintenance before running out to buy a new system. These systems are important, but expensive. Have your local HVAC technician inspect your system to see if it is on its last legs or can be repaired.

By asking yourself these few questions, you can determine if it is time for that new heating system within your home. Need furnace inspection and repair in Fayetteville, NC? Call Arnold Service Co. Today at (910) 425-3350. 


Save on Your Heating Bill This Winter

save on your heating bill

So the time of year has come when we will begin to have our furnace running more often. And the longer the furnace is running, the higher your energy bill will likely increase. But you’re in luck! The experts Arnold Service Company is here with some tips and tricks to help you save on your heating bill this winter.

  1. Insulate the access door of your attic: Normally, you have insulation in the attic of your home. But it is less frequent that there is adequate insulation on the access door and this is where the heat from your home can escape. So make sure that insulation is placed on the hatch too. Also to help block heat from leaking through the door, which could possibly be warped, we recommend using an adhesive to attach fiberglass batt insulation on the sides.
  2. Put plastic on windows: It’s a well-known fact that a lot of the heat in your home can be lost through your windows and patio doors.Covering them with a clear plastic film can help prevent this problem. The film is inexpensive, easy to install, and even easier to remove once the weather begins to warm up again and helps to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.
  3. Seal your air ducts: According to Energy Star, as much as 30 percent of heat can be lost through cracks and leaks in the ductwork of your home. Be sure to have a professional come out to your home to inspect and repair your ducts.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to be proactive in saving on your heating bill this winter in Fayetteville, NC. To learn more dial (910) 425-3350 to reach the professionals at Arnold Service Company today!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner

Whether you’ve just invested in a new air conditioner or want to make your old one last as long as possible, there are several steps you can take to get the most out of your A/C. In addition to air conditioner maintenance, follow these tips to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and maximize efficiency!

air conditioner maintenance

Vacuum Often

Did you know that your indoor air is filled with dust, dander, bacteria, and other allergens? Although usually harmless, some people sensitive to these pollutants may experience more allergies and respiratory problems. Not to mention they can clog up your air filter and ductwork! The cleaner your home, the less dust that will end up in your A/C system. Vacuum and dust your home once a week, especially if you have have carpet and upholstered furniture to reduce the amount of dust and pollutants in your home. Don’t forget to vacuum under the sofa!

Eliminate Clutter

Another way to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home is to eliminate clutter. Old magazines and newspapers deteriorate over time, and piles of clothes trap dust and pollutants. Is the space beneath your bed filled with boxes and stuff you never use? Make a trip to your local secondhand store and donate or recycle whatever you don’t need.

Change The Air Filter Regularly

Do you wait until your air filter is clogged with dust to replace it? Make a habit of checking your air filter once a month and change it before it gets completely clogged. If you live with multiple people or pets in the home, you may need to change it more often. You should also make sure you’re using a quality air filter with a MERV rating of 8 to 14. Depending on your A/C system, you might be able to use a high efficiency filter. However, these can sometimes restrict airflow and do more harm than good. Consult an A/C technician if you have questions about which air filter you should be using.

When you need air conditioner maintenance, repairs, or replacement, look no further than Arnold Service Co. in Fayetteville, NC! Call us today at (910) 425-3350 for air conditioner maintenance and more!

Home Humidifier: Is It Worth It?

With winter on the approach and temperatures slowly beginning to drop, you may begin to notice the air feel dryer. This means dry skin, dry nose, and sometimes even sickness will be soon to arrive. Many people consider purchasing a personal or home humidifier to negate these effects, but what are the real benefits of having a humidifier in your home? Before you decide to skip on this system, let us give you the run down on how they can help you!

The Benefits Of A Humidifier

Photo of humidifierWe all know that humid air makes it easier to breathe, but did you know that humidifiers are especially beneficial against allergies and asthma? The harsh dry air of winter can really make these take a turn for the worse, but a humidifier can combat these effects. In fact, humid air does not stop there, but continues to combat sickness within a household. Many of the illnesses that plague us during the winter, such as the flu, need a dry environment to thrive and having a humidifier keeps your home from being a place for them to propagate. 

Just like you get dry skin, your home can get its own equivalent. Dry air can wear down and age wallpaper and create static energy within the home. Humid air prevents the static from building up and can maintain your home’s appearance. Best of all, the humidity added to the air can help you save on utility costs! Normally during the winter, you have to turn your furnace higher to get the warmth you expect. However, water in the air lets your home feel warmer quicker and at lower temperature! 

Humidifiers are really a fantastic way to remain healthy and frugal this winter season. If you want more information on humidifiers or need a heating inspection to prepare for the oncoming winter in Fayetteville, NC, call Arnold Service Co. today at (910) 425-3350!

How To Choose The Best Air Filter For Your Home

Does your home seem excessively dusty? When you change your air filter, is it clogged with dust and allergens? There are many things you can do to help reduce the dust in your home, starting with choosing the proper air filter. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best air filter for your home.

Understand MERV Ratings

how to choose the best air filter for your homeWhen you shop for air filters, do you always buy the cheapest ones? Or do you automatically go for the one with the highest rating? You might be surprised to learn that neither of these strategies are the best option. Each air filter is rated for effectiveness with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating using a scale of 1 to 16. The lower end of the scale means the filter is less effective at removing pollutants and dust from your indoor air while the upper end indicates high efficiency.

However, the highest efficiency filter may not be the best option for your heating and cooling system. Most homeowners find that filters with a rating between 9 and 12 works best for them.

Types of Air Filters

There are many types of air filters you can choose from, each with different ratings and providing unique benefits. Here are the most common types of air filters available:

Fiberglass Air Filters

These air filters are the cheapest, and you get what you pay for. They are made from a thin, flat panel surface that only catches about 10 percent of the pollutants in your air. Fiberglass air filters typically cost about $1 and need to be replaced frequently. Their MERV ratings is generally between 1 and 4. However, this is a decent option for renters.

Pleated Air Filters

Similar to fiberglass filters, pleated or polyester air filters trap up to 45 percent of air pollutants in your home. They typically cost about $10 each and have MERV ratings from 10 to 13. An important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a pleated filter is the number of pleats per foot. The more pleats per foot, the better!

High Efficiency Air Filters

These air filters typically cost upwards of $20 a piece and have MERV ratings of 14 to 16. However, check your HVAC manufacturer’s recommendations for air filters before purchasing one of these filters. Because these filters are so fine, they can restrict airflow and actually overwork your HVAC system.

If you have more questions about maintaining your air conditioner or finding the best air filter for your home, call Arnold Service Co. at (910) 425-3350. We provide air conditioning and heating repairs in Fayetteville, NC.

4 Steps to Fall Furnace Care

4 Steps to Fall Furnace Care

Although it is early September, cooler temperatures are inevitably on their way to North Carolina. With the holiday season on the horizon, you’ll want to make sure your furnace or boiler is in working condition. Believe us, your guests will thank you.

Did you know that according to Trane, the best time to do a heating system check is in the fall? Don’t get stuck with a failing furnace after the cold temperatures set in. Make sure it is in working condition beforehand. Below are a few maintenance care steps.

  1. Inspect the exterior. Whether your unit is powered by gas or oil, you’ll want to make sure there is no soot around the outside before you turn it on, as this can be a sign of trouble.
  2. Turn on your furnace to make sure it works by setting your thermostat above room temperature. On gas-powered units, note the color of the flame — it should be blue and steady. An orange or flickering flame is a sign that you need to call an expert. For oil-powered units, you’ll want to note any strange noises, which signal that it needs further maintenance.
  3. Clean your unit. First, turn off both the furnace and the gas line for gas- AND oil-powered units. After it has cooled down, use a hose vacuum to clean the interior to improve your air quality.
  4. Don’t forget to change your air filter. Check and replace it often throughout the winter to improve your home’s air quality during the colder months.

If your furnace is not working properly, give the Fayetteville, NC pros at Arnold Service Co. a call at (910) 425-3350 for an inspection before those chilly temperatures set in!



Don’t forget to replace your furnace’s filter after you clean it for good air quality.


Signs That Your AC Is Low On Coolant

You look to seek refuge from the blistering summer heat in the comfort of your home. But to your surprise, you open your door to be greeted by only a lukewarm breeze. Not the best feeling when you’ve been battling the sweltering heat all day. Sounds like the coolant in your air conditioning system is low. This is one of several signs that you need more coolant. Check out some of these other red flags.

  • Ice buildup on refrigerant line – If you go to your outdoor unit, that has the spinning fan, take a look at the copper refrigerant line. If you see there is ice built up on it, your refrigerant is low. Inside the evaporator coil, which is the part the cold refrigerant flows through, becomes too cold when the refrigerant is low. This causes the cold liquid to flow back through the line, thus freezing it.
  • Increase in your energy bill – Your AC is forced to run ling and harder to cool your home. This exercise use of energy is reflected in your electricity bill, therefore costing you more money.
  • Strange noises – A bubbling or hissing type sound is an indication that coolant is leaking out from somewhere along the refrigerant line.

When that North Carolina heat comes knocking at your windows and doors, make sure you’re ready. Call Arnold Service Company if you think that you may be having issues with your air conditioner. Reach us at (910) 425-3350 to schedule your appointment today.